Wednesday, January 9, 2013

As Promised, the Revelation!

I asked everyone to check back in a few days and I would reveal the method that I was speaking about in order to create your best situation so you are no longer trading your time for Dollars because as I pointed out in the previous post, David Neagle of Life Is Now, said that we.Will run out of time and have a problem.

Well even before I stumbled upon David's brilliance, I knew just working a nine to five just wasn't going to cut it so I have always been looking for an answer; a better way. I think I found it and I don't believe it was by accident. I believe everything happens for a reason.

Loral Langemeier of is the first person I heard say to utilize the skill set you already have to first learn HOW to be an entrepreneur because it is too hard and will take too long to learn a new skill and build a business from scratch at the same time and you have never done this before so start with something you already know how to do. Makes sense right? Well of course you know most of us want to start a new business with a new skill and Loral says, "No" you don't get to do that yet. First you learn how to build a successful business and later on you can do what you want.

That was cool but I still found a challenge with that- WHAT exactly do you do? What idea based on that skill set that you already have can you use to start that business?
You brainstorm, try a few ideas and see what happens. Nothing wrong with that. It's called trial and error and that will always work.

But what if there was an even better way to do this? What if there were a way to get there even faster? I don't think I found this by accident. I believe the Universe sent me in this direction so I could share it with you. I didn't create this method but it will blow you away....

This method is THE REMORA METHOD.

Correction: you may have had difficulty getting to.the site. Try

To me it flips everything on it's head just like Shaun T did with his Insanity Workout.
I won't even attempt to do it justice-- go check it out for yourself. The first lesson is

To Your Health & Wealth

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