Thursday, April 25, 2013


I didn't for a long time but the funny thing about your strengths is that they've been with you with all along and you just took them for granted. What is it that you do easily and comes naturally that you usually get complimented on but you pay it no mind. Whatever that is for you -- and it's usually a few things -- is your Strength.

These Strengths are what is referred to by many as the "sweetspot" in your business or career. These are the skills that come naturally to you but if you don't know what they are how can you 1) build on them 2) Use them to your advantage in your business or career?

I found a great book that will help you. My mentor Kadena Tate of shared this piece of knowledge with me so I am paying it forward.

The book she recommended was Tom Rath's, Strength Finders 2.0. This is a great book because you don't really read it. You read only what refers to you. The cool thing about the book is there is a piece in the back that you take out of the book with a code on it and it allows you to take a quiz that I believe normally cost $200 for free with the purchase of the book. Awesome. You take the quiz and use the book to find "YOU", your strengths and then you can decide to use the site to learn how to make it all work for you in terms of how your strengths apply in your business or career.

This puts you one more step closer to being in Power and Empowering Yourself. Know Thyself!

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